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COVID-19 Updates

  • 19/01/2021
    Assessment of Access to HE Diplomas

    Providers are advised to continue delivering and assessing Access to HE Diplomas, as far as is possible. QAA has released guidance to Providers and guidance to students regarding award of Access to HE Diplomas in 2020-2021. It should be noted that this guidance does not at this time include provision for estimated or calculated grades. QAA’s latest advice to Access Validating Agencies is that Providers should continue to follow the processes outlined in the resources section. 

    We have produced guidance for Providers regarding the arrangements for the award of Access to HE Diplomas in 2021 (below). This includes provision for adapting delivery and/or assessment methods. If you would like to change the delivery or assessment method for one or more of your assessments, please complete the ‘Request for Adaptation form’. We have also developed an Access to Fair Assessment Policy, which may be of use to Providers at this time. 

    We will be asking Providers to submit grading descriptor information for all assessments. Therefore, please ensure this information is readily available.

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COVID-19 Resources

PDF Document

Adaptions Form 2020/21

PDF Document

Arrangements for the Award of Access to HE Diplomas 2020/21

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Access to Fair Assessment – Reasonable Adjustment and Special Considerations

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Guidance for Access to HE Students

PDF Document

Guidance for Access to HE Providers