Health, Social Care and Wellbeing Diplomas

Access to HE Diploma

This Diploma is a good choice for learners who desire to help people with a range of problems that affect movement. Through this course, students can develop an understanding of the medical and healthcare industries, with a focus on physiotherapy and its associated disciplines.

Subject Area

Learners studying this Diploma will have the opportunity to expand their knowledge and practical skills through a range of subject areas including:

  • Cells
  • Cellular Transport
  • Human Cardiovascular System
  • Human Gas Exchange System
  • Human Growth and Development
  • Human Musculoskeletal System
  • Infection and Immunity
  • Nervous System
  • Nutrition and Digestion
  • Number and Graphical Representation
  • Medical Physics: Radiology and Medical Imaging
  • Radioactivity in Medicine
  • Arousal, Stress and Anxiety in Sport
  • Health Psychology
  • Study Skills

Progression Routes

Successful completion of this Diploma will open doors to a number of university courses, giving learners the chance to study a broad array of degrees leading to careers in:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Sports Therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Chiropractor
  • Health Promotion Specialist
  • Health Service Management
  • Osteopathy

Why should I deliver this Diploma?

  • We can help you build specific, academically sound pathways to higher education.
  • There is flexibility to write your own assessments.
  • We can support assignment writing and the delivery of your diploma.
  • We have a dedicated team of external moderators to provide supportive visits.
  • We’ll guide you through the whole academic year.

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85% of applicants with an Access to HE Diploma were 21+.

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